Daily Staple outlets at northshore plaza singapore

Daily Staples Restaurant is a cosy place to eat in Northshore Plaza, Singapore. It’s a nice spot where people can enjoy tasty food. The restaurant is known for its friendly service and yummy dishes.

Daily Staples Restaurant is a good place to go if you’re hungry and in Northshore Plaza. They have a menu with lots of different foods to choose from. So, if you want a delicious meal in a nice atmosphere, check out Daily Staples Restaurant at Northshore Plaza.


no available


Tue-Sun: 12 am-7:00 pm


Northshore 1 Level 2 – #02-40

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@amazingkway 🍚Daily Staples🍚 I absolutely adore good, delicious and hearty Japanese-inspired rice bowls! Truly loved the process of mixing every ingredients together to make a gastronomic delights; not forgetting the onsen egg! 🤤 Extremely thankful that I got to try the rice bowl from Daily Staples SG! They are a takeaway F&B kiosk located in Northshore Plaza I focused on serving Japanese-inspired rice bowls for the soul! I got to try their: 1. Tamago + Baked Chicken Don The torched mentaiko sauce was marvelous; like a smoky mentaiko umami flavour burst! Tamago egg was soft, chewy and pretty fragrant. May I say the highlight of this don is the baked chicken?? Super tender and filled with so much of that natural sweetness of the chicken itself and it did blew me off a little! Can't believe what I was biting into because it's too good! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 👏 2. Chicken Gyoza (8 pcs) Crispy edges and soft center and on the inside. Not overly salty or heavy but felt that it needed more seasoning! But that is only because I am a 重口味 person. Otherwise, it's great with really tender, soft minced chicken meat on the inside! 3. Taro Latte Initially I thought the taro flavour was a little bit mild. But after awhile, I think that works because somehow the more you drink, the more it gets tastier. 😋 Slowly the taro flavours comes out. It's not sweet at all and quite well balanced to pair with the gyoza and don! I am becoming a taro convert soon! #sgfoodies #sgfoodparadise #sgtiktok #japanesedon #japanesedonburi #donburi #sgfoodhunt #sggoodfood #sgeats #mentaikosauce #ricebowl #sgfooddiaries #sgfoodbuzz #sgfoodblog ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

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