The Source Bulk Foods outlets at northshore plaza singapore

The Source Bulk Foods Northshore is a store where you can buy many foods in large amounts. It’s in Northshore and an excellent place to get healthy foods without lots of packaging. At The Source Bulk Foods, you can find things like nuts, grains, spices, and more, and you buy them by how much you want.

If you want to buy lots of food near you, The Source Bulk Foods in Northshore is a good choice. Many people like shopping there because they can get just what they need. Also, it’s better for the environment because you can bring your containers and reduce waste. So, if you’re in Northshore and need to buy food, try The Source Bulk Foods.


no available


Mon-Sun: 11am-9.30pm


Northshore 1 Level 1 – #01-24/25

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