Song Fa Kway Chap Northshore Plaza 1

Welcome to Song Fa Kway Chap At Northshore Plaza I Singapore, where every dish is a symphony of flavours and traditions. As you enter our cosy eatery, the aroma of simmering broth and fragrant spices envelop you, promising a culinary journey like no other. Our signature Kway Chap celebrates textures and tastes with tender pork, chewy rice noodles, and a savoury herbal broth that whispers of generations-old recipes.

At Song Fa, we believe in slow cooking, where every ingredient is given the time it deserves to harmonise perfectly. Each spoonful of our Kway Chap is a tribute to Singaporean heritage, blending the richness of Chinese culinary heritage with local influences.


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Mon-Sun: 10:30 am to 9 pm


Northshore 1  Level 2 — #02-22

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